Surgeons / Physicians

HAS Medical Billing is being employed by increasing numbers of Surgeons and other specialist Consultants on the basis that we provide a professional and cost effective alternative to self billing. Our service is designed to take the pressure off our clients and their secretaries whilst providing a comprehensive billing and control package which can enhance or replace existing billing practices. Due to our versatility we can design our services around our client’s requirements. Please contact us if you would like to discuss this service further.

Our service broadly consists of the following.

  • Full billing service including the formulation and creation of patient bills.
  • Ensuring that all bills are forwarded to relevant hospital for inclusion in insurance claim.
  • Setting up efficient billing systems with Private Hospitals and ensuring that our clients interests are well represented within those hospitals. Liaising with hospital management / staff and where required having a staff member on site where appropriate to ensure our clients bills are being processed correctly and efficiently.
  • Billing, collection and reconciliation of Non-insured patients / NTPF, Inter-hospital billing and any other non regular billing.
  • Issuing bills for, collecting and reconciling any rejected accounts.
  • Liaising with all relevant parties such as hospital accounts departments, consultant secretaries, insurance companies and patients as required to resolve any issues which can result in the delay / non payment of patient bills.
  • Reconciliation of all insured payments and following up on any unpaid, underpaid or incorrectly paid accounts from insurance companies.

Clients have secure access to their “account” via the internet. This allows our clients to access directly up to date  information such as amounts billed, amounts paid, (broken down by insurance company etc) list of payments by patient name, procedure date, insurance company etc. Our “hasdoctoronline” web site is designed for ease of use yet providing maximum information to our clients. There are additional features being added regularly which provide our clients with comprehensive online access to all their financial / billing  information online.

Included as part of our service HAS Medical Billing prepare all relevant information pertaining to billing undertaken by us for your end of year tax returns. We collate all F45’s in order, provide copy statements and supply a detailed debtor report to you / your accountant. This report is an invaluable aid in the preparation of your tax return. We also assist your accountant with any queries they may have with regard to your private practice income if required.

The information supplied by HAS Medical Billing has to date been accepted as a bona fide statement of private practice income by the Revenue Authorities and in the event of a Revenue Audit we can provide every possible piece of backup information that may be required for audit purposes. This ensures our clients peace of mind.

Additionally, HAS Medical Billing retain ALL information pertaining to our clients practice billing on our computer system. (Which, for security reasons is backed up daily on site and also to an off site facility) This enables us to provide a comprehensive range of detailed status reports at the touch of a button. We have available all possibly required information a client may require at any stage. HAS Medical Billing retain billing information in line with GDPR legislation.


Please feel free to contact us if you require any further information on our service. Please open the link below for all our contact details.

If you would prefer us to contact you please open the “please contact me link” and provide the contact details required.