Accountants Log On

On-line HSR200 Debtor report.

Secure log on and PIN number required.

This facility allows clients Accountants secure on-line access to view current and historic billing information as required in the preparation of our clients annual accounts which form the basis of income tax returns.

Information available to Accountants via this on-line facility includes all relevant Billing information at any given point in time which is user determined. Accountants can view and print Billed values, Paid values, Write Off values etc.

This unique feature will eliminate the need for us /our clients to provide hard copy debtor reports pertaining to their private practice at year end and accountants can revisit updated information as often as required without the need to contact our clients.

 Hospital Accounting Services will continue to liaise with and assist our clients accountants with any queries or additional information which may be required. Additionally our HSR200 debtor report in hard copy will still be available where required.

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